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February 1920 -- "My Dearest Heart"

N.Y. Feb. 28th, 1920

My Dearest Heart,
Moultrie is home now so you’ll have more time to write me. Sounds selfish, eh? Well I am where you’re concerned. He came to see me before leaving, brought me a box of candy and gave me a nice five dollar bill which came in quite handy, I assure you. Thank him please. ...

I have a little more routine work at the studio which I hope to complete by March 15th. ...Kiss Gus & Sylvia Elise for me. Regards to all. Love to you.

Write your own,

Wednesday, Noon
March 2, 1920

My very dear Tedwin,
It seems that besides having contracted a cold, I have a habit – namely, writing you.
... And now dear, let’s discuss a little business.

First I want that camera of mine that is in your studio. There is a case for it at my home. I would like to have that also. How soon may I have them?

Next, we both ... read Mr. Brunel’s pamphlets wrong and according to Mr. Brunel we still owe him $50. In the booklet it reads that he will give the photographic course and the motion picture course for $150. Of course according the contracts I do not owe anything so I have been checking my work according to the routine and have only a few other things to do before finishing. ...

Now here is another proposition. I had a notice from the Census department at Wash. asking if appointed would I accept work there at 95 per [unintelligible], said work to last 6 months or a year. I answered saying yes and that if I were not working and they should send for me it might mean I could perhaps have a chance to spend evenings or some of them at the [Addison] Scurlock studio to advantage. Of course you understand these are only some of my various “castles” and the topic is open for discussion.

You won’t discuss your plans nor ideas with me (if you have any) so of course I am at sea as to what you may be thinking. If however you don’t like my “house of cards” why just blow it over, see?

In the meanwhile it’s your turn next and please building one better than mine or else let mine stand. ...

Kiss Gus and tell her “Tantie” longs for her, for the clasp of her dear little arms about my neck, and the warmth of her little soft body, also to hear her say “Sing I lub 'u tshuly.”

With love one has only for the rest of one
(the rest of you)

Dear Tedwin,
Today finds me no better and compelled to send for a doctor. My cold is worse and am still painful. ...

Please send me some cash as the fee & prescription will just about take my last cent. I regret to be of so much trouble to you but hope some day to be of equal service to you. ...

I have slept quite a lot and dream continually about home so I have all of you with me very often. I dreampt this morning that you kissed me and it was so real that it awoke me. Please do that again.

Shall look to hear from you soon.

With love
Your very own,

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